Rodent Tracking Camera

Upon suspicion of an infestation/ rodent activities, we may schedule to set up rodent tracking cameras to verify the infestation. These cameras will provide brilliant HD quality video proof of rat activities in your facility.

Benefits of Rodent tracking cameras:

  • Proof of rodent infestation
    • The recordings are solid evidences that there are rodent activities.
  • Activity analysation
    • You can get useful information such as the rat’s entry point.
  • Battery powered (Wire-free)
    • This allows the flexibility to place cameras in areas without power point socket access.
  • Weatherproof
    • Suitable for indoors and outdoors placements
  • Cloud recording
    • Recordings will be stored in a cloud storage for easy access and viewing
  • Live view
    • View the cameras live or playback any recorded videos easily
  • Instant alerts
    • Receive instant alerts for captures

Real Time Clips