Thanks for good service by Rodent Eye Monitoring System

This letter is to thank you for your assistance in the implementation of the Rodent Eye Monitoring System to support our Rodent Management Program. The system has saved us a great amount of time in the surveillance of rodent activities which we were previously using too much manpower in the night when the rodents were most active.The system also reduced our exposure to working from height as the sensors installed above the ceilings will update us the level of activity through your web base reporting.The activity information collected enabled us to take the necessary actions to manage the infestation and in addition to determine the entry and exit points. We gained many happy clients as we solved their rodent issues with the system.

John Lui General Manager of ABJ Pte Ltd

Good Service by Rodent Eye System

We are writing this letter to express our sincere thanks to your Rodent Eye System in helping us with our client's rodent issues. With the Real Time Heat Map, Activities' Count and Precision Placement of sensors by your professional team, my team can immediately identify the affected locations for control. There isn't any comparing systems out there that has the real time heap map display and this has given us the advantage over our comptitors. After deploying the Rodent Eye, we have improved our operations by reducing manpower up to 50% specificially where the physical human surveillance and targeted control measures are involved. This has helped us to improve our professionalism in managing any given rodent issue in a shorter and more cost effect way. We will continue to make use of the Rodent Eye System to have the competitve edge over our competitors and expanding our portfolio with many more happy customers.

G.Surajan Managing Director / Major's Pest Management Services Pte Ltd.