1. What is Rodent Eye ?

  • Automated Rodent Surveillance System to help monitor rodent 27/7 round the clock
  • Web based access Real Time 24/7 Heat Map Visualisation with inbuilt data analytics.
  • Fully accessible from desktop and mobile devices with individual login administrative control.
  • Transparent system providing real time rodent activities information for both facility owner and pest management service provider.
  • Government & Spring Capability Development Grants supported For Pest management companies (SME) adoption.
  • One & only System comes with sophisticated Algorithms & Analytics providing useful information such as frequent traveled path and directions NOT just SMS & email alerts.
  • Making PERFORMANCE Based Pest Management Contract POSSIBLE
  • A real IoT system align with Smart Nation

2. What are the advantages of RodentEye ?

The advantage of RodentEye is to provide a better understanding and feasibility on long term adoption.  As in line with Singapore moving towards becoming a Smart Nation, introducing such automation (IoT) system in Environmental Health Management is timely and serves as an important milestone. Rodent infestations, an ancient old problem has become a serious health issue in recent years and depending on physical manpower to resolve this has become even more challenging.

RodentEye’s effectiveness in monitoring rodent activities 24/7 (reducing manpower reliance) and providing a real time heat map enables a more target focus treatment to be planned out. From real time data collected and analysed, pest management professional can then reduce the physical surveillance and focus in doing the control, thus increasing productivity and projecting a more professional image with tag line, pest management with high tech.

3. How will it benefit Facility Owners

  • An accurate visualisation: Heat-map will be generated to provide detailed information on the location of trigger, which will aid in finding out the movement and travelling patterns of the rodents.
  • Graphs and Analytics: Select and view the data on the portal to find out the exact time of triggers, or view the numbers over the selected days. This allows you to compare over a weekly or monthly basis.
  • Increase catch rates: With evident information of where the rats are moving along, the pest control company will be able to place the traps strategically.

4. How will it benefit Pest Control Companies?

  • Improve response time: Know when a trap is triggered instantly; reducing response time from weeks to the instant.
  • Reduce wastage: With data on the rodent movement patterns and paths, traps can now be strategically placed for maximal catch rate.
  • Learn Rodent movements: Trace their pathways and find probable source.