RodentEye an effective Performance Base System

Mice are fairly intelligent and can often outsmart traps set for them. If they see something new or unusual in their surrounding environment, they will shy away from it. In recent deployment, we found mice are able to “steal” the baits without activating the traps. However, with our Rodenteye Sensor and our Smart Multi Mouse […]

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IoT Agenda: Fighting pests with the internet of things

IoT Agenda discusses the now-future of IoT in pest management. The four keys – Hardware, Network, Cloud and Platform, make or break an IoT product in the market. And we’ve covered them all. If not using now, then when?   #pestechholding #rodenteye #iot #rodents #rats #pestmanagement #smartsolutions #futureisnow Link here.

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The reality of malls and rats

Source: The Straits Time (link here) More shopping malls seek help to fix rodent problem By Sue-Ann Tan ( More shopping malls are approaching pest control companies for help in managing their rat problem. While the number of rats in malls is not thought to be increasing, pest control firms said there is greater awareness of how […]

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